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At we continue to come across great ideas or meet businesses that offer great services for buyers and sellers. Our Advice provides an easy way to find anything from the best mortgage deals to tips on how to conduct the perfect viewing. Why not use the Facebook and Twitter links to share helpful information you feel buyers and sellers should know about?

  • Mortgages

    Finding the right mortgage is as hard today as it has ever been with literally thousands of deals to choose from and lenders all taking slightly different views on how to calculate what you can borrow. If you need help finding a mortgage broker who can offer you excellent mortgage advice, we can definitely point you in the right direction. The advisers we recommend will help you secure the best mortgage deal whether you're a first time buyer, remortgaging your home, buying to let or moving up the property ladder. They'll help you throughout the mortgage process – no hidden costs or surprises, just straightforward, honest, mortgage advice. Call us on 03333 447 007 for more information.
  • Legal service

    The earlier you appoint the legal adviser to work on your sale and/ or purchase the better. It gives them time to get prepared and, in the case of someone selling a leasehold property, time to pull together the leasehold information that will be required by the buyer. Our legal service is provided by qualified solicitors that we know and trust and we highly recommend you have a quick chat to them before deciding who to use. They will happily give you a free, no obligation quotation over the telephone. Call us on 03333 447 007 and ask to speak to the legal team.
  • Survey and valuations

    If you would like to appoint an independent chartered surveyor to carry out a survey or provide a valuation we can help you find someone local. You may decide you don’t need this, but increasingly buyers are opting to instruct their own survey just for peace of mind - even if they are applying for a mortgage and the lender is sending its own surveyor round as well. Please call us and we will be happy to help.
  • Aerial photography

    Would your home benefit from some aerial still photos and video? Why not upgrade to our aerial package which takes advantage of the latest drone technology? It costs an additional £999 + VAT but is worth every penny if you want to make you property stand out from the crowd. It won’t work everywhere (blocks of flats tend not to be a prime target for example) but if your property would lend itself to this type of marketing please call us for more information.
  • Risk of flooding

    Are you worried that an area in which you are looking to buy may have a tendency to suffer from flooding? Check out any UK post code area to see its flood rating based on the Environmental Agency’s flood data

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