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Over the years the real estate industry has been digitised, leaving little need for high street agencies. With websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla, it's becoming harder for traditional real estate agents to command high prices. Ten years ago they may have needed the swanky office in the town centre and fleet of branded cars, but with more and more sellers turning to the web, it's no longer an industry built on “flash.”

When you sell property online, you are giving up one basic luxury: getting someone else to show buyers around your home. But... nobody knows your home better than you. After all, you've already built a life there and cared for it for all these years. So why leave that to someone else? You'll know every nook and cranny, from the creaky floorboards to the last time the battery was changed on the smoke alarm. Traditional high street estate agents simply can't compete with your knowledge.

Buyers often grow wary of properties with a questionable history. They want to know everything that's gone wrong in the past, and why. When estate agents can't answer these questions, alarm bells will ring. More often than not, they'll question the property and start believing it's plagued with problems. From that moment on, your job becomes much harder. Showing buyers around yourself alleviates this problem altogether.


Practice Your Selling Technique

Don't worry, it's not as bad as you think! You may feel nervous about speaking in front of strangers. But just remember, the ball's in your court. You don't have to sell to them if you don't want to. Practice your viewing technique with friends and family. Get them to ask you questions about the property and test your knowledge. This will help your confidence grow and prepare you for any difficult questions.

Ninety percent of home buyers start their search online. Therefore, you're essentially paying a traditional agency a larger commission just to have access to the remaining 10 percent and get someone else – who's less qualified – to conduct the viewings. High street estate agents really need to pull something very special out of the bag in order to survive the digital domain – even lowering their prices won't cut the mustard. It's a slow transition process, but the scales will inevitably tilt in the opposite direction, leaving sellers in full control.


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