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Moving house is, at the very best of times, stressful. For many of us, it’s an unavoidable consequence of our changing fates in life, as we move to a new property for work, to expand our families or simply because we have the financial freedom to do so. However, that doesn’t make it any less of a pain.

Between packing your things, organising your bills, alerting the council, completing the sales process and cleaning, there’s enough to keep you busy for weeks – and that’s without a baby to contend with.

If you do have a little one, however, moving house gets a whole lot tougher. Over the years, we’ve seen countless young families move houses and we’ve learned a handful of lessons which can significantly help remove the drama and distress of new surroundings for your young one. Let’s get started.

Try to keep your schedule

Anyone with a baby will tell you that keeping a schedule is crucial to helping you and your baby live relatively normal lives. Nap times, dinner times and play times all help break up the day and instil a sense of familiarity and comfort into your baby’s life.

They’ll also tell you that breaking that schedule can lead to a tough time for everyone involved.

Clearly then, maintaining that schedule as much as possible is of the utmost importance. If you don’t feel like it’s going to be possible with you, why not see if a family member of close friend can watch the baby for a day or so, maintaining the schedule and giving you the freedom to move.

Leave a room clear

Baby’s cry, and there’s not a lot we can do about it. What we can do, however, is make sure that the baby’s new room in your home is clear so you can get in and out of it without banging into boxes, falling over or suffering any other clutter based mishap. You’ll thank yourself later, we promise.

Take photos of their set-up before you take it down

When you move to a new property, so much of making a baby comfortable and settled is about keeping things as they were before. For very young children, the things they recognise most (aside from you parents, of course), is their cot and the things around it.

That might mean a specific teddy in the corner and a favourite mobile up above, or maybe it’s just your child’s favourite sheets, but it’s worth memorising or taking photos of these things and replicating them in your new property to ease the transition.

Make space and time for playtime

Moving might be a stressful time for you, but it doesn’t have to be for your baby. Invest in a play-pen and set it up in a quiet corner of your new house. Once filled with some choice toy selections and a space to take a nap and you’ll find that your little one is more than capable of entertaining themselves for a little while – giving you the time required to turn your new house into something resembling a home.

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