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There comes a time in the life of many young families that their once spacious home starts to feel just that little bit too small. Fights over bathrooms and tripping over each other’s feet are the early signs, but it can soon spiral to the point of discomfort.

Your family is growing, and so are your ambitions, both of which make upsizing not only desirable, but necessary too. Moving to a larger property brings its own stresses and challenges, many of which you may not have encountered in your travels up the property ladder thus far.

So, in this guide, we’re going to share with you our essential tips for upsizing.

Look beyond the bedrooms.

The primary reason for upsizing is to increase the number of bedrooms. There might be another little bundle of joy on the way, or maybe it’s time to split your kids into separate rooms, but whatever the reason, don’t forget to look beyond the bedroom count.

Online house hunting has taught us to filter our search based on the number of bedrooms we need, but that doesn’t always tell the full story. The size of those bedrooms matters, but so do things like the number of bathrooms available and how large the living spaces are in a property. Widen your search and take your time, upsizing is about a great deal more than just bedrooms.

Get on the same page.

It should go without saying on any property hunt, but when you’re looking for a new house, you should get on the same page as your partner and children. Their needs, wants and expectations of a house should all line up with your own.

Making decisions about the area you want to live in, the number of bedrooms needed, whether you want a large garden or whether you want to live in the suburbs are all important decisions, and should be made as a team.

Think of the children.

Building your upsizing search around your kids is a brilliant idea, and perhaps not for the reason you’re thinking of. Though getting the number of bedrooms right, ensuring there’s space to play and that the local schools are excellent means that your kids can have a bright future, it also means more money when it comes time to resell.

Green spaces, good schools and low crime rates will never go out of fashion with families, so investing in them now can really help resale values down the line.

Be prepared to spend.

Upsizing often means putting a good deal of money down for your new property, but there are other costs which you might not have considered.

For an example, you should look no further than the furniture you’ll need. A larger house means more space, which has to be filled. New decorations, furniture and interior design all cost significant sums of money, and should be factored in to your costs when you do the maths around upsizing. Failing to consider those costs have meant a lot of headaches for buyers, so don’t get caught out.

If you are thinking of upsizing, get in touch and we will help you save thousands in selling your old property.

When it comes to selling your property, we all use every trick in the book. From presenting your home properly to researching similar properties in the area, there are lots of little things you can do to ensure a swift and successful sale.

But what about the bigger things, like the time of year you sell your property in? Does it even matter, and if it does, what time of the year is best for selling properties? Join us as we dive into the facts.

Is there a perfect season for selling?

As odd as it might seem, there are predictable and reliable ebbs and flows in the UK housing market that typically line up with the seasons. Traditionally, the best season for selling your property is spring.

During early spring, the market welcomes in buyers who have been waiting for winter to come to an end and to see what the New Year holds for them. A great many resolutions are made around New Year, and with a few months thinking behind them, lots of people decide to take the plunge and move.

It also lines up with the end of the school year, a time when parents are much more comfortable about putting their kids through the stresses of moving house. That leads to a much higher demand for housing, especially if your property is within the catchment area for a desirable school.

Summer is often mistakenly thought of as the best month to sell your property in, but don’t fall in to that trap. Many potential buyers take their holidays during the summer, which severely limits your market.

Meanwhile, autumn presents a good option for selling. The light remains good outside, but do be aware that the market slows down dramatically in October, so be prepared to move fast.

Winter is the worst season to sell your home in. Most buyers don’t entertain the prospect of moving house so close to Christmas, so you’re better off waiting until the New Year to list you property.

Are there any regional differences?

The broad seasonal variations discussed above tend to be pretty universal, but as always, it’s worth taking a deeper dive into your areas housing market. A quick search online will reveal plenty of tools for examining your local housing market.

I want to sell, but the season isn’t right, should I still try?

Of course you should. Just because some seasons are better than others doesn’t mean that there aren’t keen buyers out there looking for properties just like yours. Though it might take longer, listing your property during summer or winter remains a viable option.

The same goes for selling during the ideal seasons or spring and winter – if you’re not ready to move, don’t rush your property on the market for a speedy sale. It’ll only lead to heartbreak.

By and large, the UK is an incredibly safe country to live in. With good policing, relatively low poverty and strict sentencing for knife and gun crime, almost every area of the UK ranks low for crime. Indeed, like much of the developed world, the UK has seen a steady decline in violent and overall crime during the last decades.

However, it remains the case that some towns and cities are safer than others. So, which are the seven safest places to live in the UK, as of September 2016? Let’s find out.

  • Aberystwyth, Wales – Aside from being one of the UK’s most underrated seaside towns, with beautiful coastline, plenty to see, do and eat as well as surprisingly low house prices – Aberystwyth has the lowest crime levels of anywhere else in the UK, according to Provident. It’s also the town in Britain where you’re most likely to hear a ‘hello’ from a stranger, with 89% doing so frequently.
  • Worchester, England – If you’re looking for the safest city then you can look no further than Worcester, which had only 1,305 crimes last June, including only 7 robberies. When you factor in the fact that most crime tends to be non-violent and minor in nature, Worchester is a clearly safe city.
  • Wrexham, Wales – Another Welsh beauty, the North Wales town of Wrexham has extremely low crime rates to pair with its long history, bustling city centre and strong public services sector. Though it ranks lower than Aberystwyth, it remains an extremely safe place to live in the UK.
  • Aberdeen, Scotland – Our first Scottish entrant on the list comes in the form of Aberdeen, which takes the crown as the safest city north of the border. More than half of the residents there also use the local amenities, putting them well above the national average in that regard.
  • Plymouth, England – Devon’s largest city also has very low crime rates, making it the safest big city in the south west of England. House prices might not be as low as some of the other towns and cities in this list, but its closer proximity to the big smoke and seaside location make it an excellent option for those looking to buy.
  • York, England – York is a city that needs little introduction, with an abundance of history, a fantastic array of pubs and some world class tourist attractions, it’s a city you can’t afford to miss. Thankfully, for those visiting or buying in to the area, it has very low crime rates. A population of over 200,000 sees around 1,500 crimes a month – the vast majority of which are related to anti-social behaviour.
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland – It’s fair to say that Belfast’s troubles have meant that in decades gone by, it wouldn’t have made this list. It’s a testament to that city though that it now occupies the #7 position on this list. It’s a city that also ranks high for civic pride, with a third of citizens saying they’re proud to come from the city.


If you're thinking of moving house, why not get in touch with us and find out how we can save you thousands when selling your old home

More and more, 2017 is looking like the year that traditional estate agents are shown the door. By the tens of thousands, we’re beginning to see the potential in low-fee online only estate agents. By giving properties a platform, but leaving the viewings to those who know the property and area best (that’s you!), they can potentially help us save thousands.

Actually conducting that viewing though? Well, it’s not always as easy as we might think. Though it can sometimes seem like estate agents aren’t doing much, their craft has been honed through decades of trial and error to help them sell almost any property.

So, when you’re taking on the task yourself, how do you conduct that perfect viewing?

Get to know the potential buyers

If you’ve ever been on a house viewing yourself, you’ll be very familiar with the preamble that comes before you step in to a property.

What might seem like small talk around where you’re moving from, what your search criteria is, what you’ve already seen and what you intend to do with the property is actually extremely valuable information to an estate agent.

They use that information to tweak their patter and better sell the property – which is exactly what you should do when conducting your viewing. Building that rapport and knowing what it is that your guests are after can really help sell your property.

Clean up

It should come as little surprise, but you can’t expect to sell your property if it’s presented as a mess.

Buyers can use their imagination to a certain degree, but it’s your job to show off your home at its very best. Dirty kitchens and bathrooms, messy kids’ rooms and cluttered living spaces might not put you off, but it doesn’t display your home at its true potential.

Be confident, be positive

Confidence might come naturally to somebody who sells houses for a living, but it doesn’t necessarily come to the rest of us so easily. However, when you’re conducting a viewing on your property, it’s essential that you project confidence.

If your guests feel like they’re intruding in your home, their natural inclination will be to get the viewing done as quickly as possible. Along the way, they’ll miss the details which make your property desirable, and are much less likely to put an offer in.

As such, when you’re showing people around your home, it’s important to do your very best to make them feel at home. Offer them a cup of tea and, if necessary, give them the space to explore your home on their own terms. Just make sure you’re on hand if they’ve got any questions and let

Make the most of your outdoor spaces

Houses are more than just bricks and mortar, they’re our outside spaces too.

The view from the curb is the first impression anyone will get of your property, and your garden(s) feed the imagination of potential buyers, picturing themselves living in your home.

Clearly then, it’s worth investing in your outside spaces. A fresh lick of paint on the windows, a cut of the grass and some light investment in some colourful new plants can be a tremendous boost to your sale hopes.

When it comes to selling your home, presentation matters. You’re not just selling the bricks and mortar which make up your property, you’re selling the notion of living there and potential that your property has. As such, it’s merely common sense that you need to make an effort to show off your home at its best.

The old screenwriting adage holds true; show, don’t tell. You should be showing your property at its very best, not telling potential buyer how good it could be. But how do you do that? In this guide, we’ll give you some top tips for presenting your property at its best.

Invest in curb appeal

Making the interior of your property look fantastic is important, but the curb appeal of your property shouldn’t be underestimated in generating viewings. Many buyers make a drive by visit to a property before they decide to book a viewing. So, tidy up those hedges, mow the lawn, kill any weeds and give your outside woodwork a lick of fresh paint.

If the season’s right, consider also introducing some potted plants to your front garden, they can really help brighten up the area.

Declutter your living areas

If we’re being honest with ourselves, I think we’d all agree that our living areas are too cluttered. Over time, they end up filled with just about everything our house has to offer. Whilst that’s convenient for you, it’s not necessarily appealing to potential buyers.

With decluttering, you can ensure that distinctive features like fireplaces get their fair shake at impressing. Oh, and open the windows before the viewer’s arrive – fresh air does wonders for a room.

Clean your bathrooms and kitchen

Every single bathroom in the country is home to a mountain of toiletries, sponges, medication and make up, just as every single kitchen plays host to a world of tools, utensils, plates, bowls and appliances. There’s a good reason why we keep all these things visible in our day to day life – we often need them. However, when it comes to preparing your home for a viewing, all of this miscellanea needs to be put away and the surface underneath given a serious clean if you’re hoping for a quick sale.

Consider your pets

You love them, but will the viewer of your property?

Either by allergy or fear, your pet could put off a potential buyer. If you’ve got a dog, consider asking a neighbour to look after them for an hour whilst the viewing takes place. If you’ve got a cat that can go outside, it might be worth putting it out for a little while. Oh, and hoover up those hairs, nobody loves pet hair.

Tidy the kids’ rooms

If you’ve got kids, there’s a strong chance you do this multiple times per day as it is, but before any viewer comes over make sure their rooms are tidy, with toys put away. The people viewing your house may or may not have children of their own, but being able to imagine the space used for another purpose is vital if you want to sell your property.


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