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This week the press speculated on whether UK politician Michael Gove’s house sale will suffer from ‘the Brexit effect’. On sale at a mere £1.395 million it should perhaps have been expected to fetch £1.7 million. There’s no doubt Brexit is high on the news agenda at the moment. Markets of all types are concerned about the impact of Brexit on their sector. Housing is no different – as the largest financial purchase which individuals make, it is no surprise that buyers and sellers are anxious.

Passive housing is a design principle, used in architecture to boost energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. At present, Germany and Scandinavia are leading the movement and boast the largest density of passive-approved structures. Current estimations state that there are 37,000 throughout the world.

In the real estate world, autumn is the second best time for selling behind spring. Families return from their holidays, kids go back to school, and everyone starts settling back into their daily routines. The transitional stages in September and October, when the country is getting back to normality, is the perfect time to find buyers.

Smart homes are a growing trend in the US with household adoption currently at 5.8% and set to increase to 18.6% by 2020. Currently it’s mainly the early adopters in the UK who are taking advantage of smart technology in their homes, but 2017-2018 could see sales figures increase, as people realise the benefits of having complete control over the automation of their homes.

The decision to move home should never be taken lightly. Mistakes could be costly, so always take your time to ensure you're making the right choice. This guide will help you if you're sitting on the fence and unable to make a concrete decision.

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