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It's no secret that house prices in London can be a little out of reach, especially for those in their 20s and 30s who are still trying to accumulate enough funds to get onto the property ladder. Securing a mortgage on a property in the capital is tough, which is why more and more people are looking to commuter towns as an alternative.

Colour psychology is based on the emotional and mental effects colours can have on individuals. There are various subjective pieces to colour psychology, including some proven and accepted elements. Colour is a universal language that we can all speak; therefore, painting your walls isn't just a matter of aesthetics, but a tool that can be leveraged to enhance certain behaviours and emotions. That said, there may be variations in meaning, perception, and interpretation between different cultures.


Brexit is happening. While the state of British politics is in turmoil, new Prime Minister Theresa May has made it abundantly clear that Article 50 will be triggered when the time is right. Whether you voted to leave or remain, now is the time for us, as a nation, to work together to both limit damage and take advantage of the potential opportunities.

In the wake of the Brexit referendum, the British public have become very apprehensive about making large-scale purchases. However, lest not forget, nothing has been solidified. Negotiations will likely take a few years, so while the drop in the pound has been troublesome, it's merely a short-term reaction by the markets. If you're looking to buy in Bristol, don't let the UK's recent political decisions get in your way.

This question has been perplexing landlords since the dawn of real estate. As a property owner, your primary goal is to generate as much profit as possible. Therefore, you should only provide furnishings if you can offset the costs and make enough money to validate the extra work.

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