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The use of virtual reality in the property sector is already a billion dollar industry. While it's common practice for estate agents in London to use VR technology, it's still yet to take off around the rest of the country... but it's just a matter of time before it does!

Due to the recent 3% Stamp Duty increase, which forced investors to invest before the price hike, house prices have risen at their fastest rate in 12 years. Now the average price of a UK home stands just above £214,000 (according to recent statistics published by Halifax.) With Brexit looming on the horizon, nobody knows what's going to happen to the property market later this year. However, even in this time of uncertainty, the UK's top cities are still experiencing significant growth – well above the national average.

Stamp Duty is one of the necessary evils of the real estate market. While it's not a significant expense for most first-time buyers with a modest budget, it's easy to overlook. Stamp Duty is a land tax that only applies to properties costing more than £125,000. Whether you're buying freehold or leasehold, it will apply.

David Cameron has finally set a date for the referendum that will decide whether the United Kingdom will remain in the European Union. It's one of the biggest decisions the nation has ever had to make. But what does it mean for the property market if the UK chooses to leave?

A good tenant is priceless. As a landlord, you need them more than they need you – after all, they're paying the rent! Therefore, you should always do your utmost to ensure your relationship remains strong and civil. Common decency, good manners and a prompt service will go a long way, and could save you a great deal of trouble in the future.

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